“a groomed man… a new man!”

-luxury hair plus-

nyc hair cuts for men provided here at luxury hair plus in new york

hair mane-tenance

Just having a trendy haircut won't cut it. It’s important to understand your lifestyle and get a flattering haircut according to your face type that suits you best, maintaining your hairstyle regularly. The ugly truth is, too many guys wait for their locks to grow out of control before doing anything about it. Chances are, if you notice it, so do others. The trick? Finding a professional you can trust to keep your look up to par!


Skin rejuvenation done in a non invasive way with Olaire

the regimen

While we all reap the benefits of a well developed skin care routine, there are some noteworthy differences between your skin and that of your female counterparts that require a bit more attention.

Let’s begin with the good news. Men produce more collagen, which is the reason why they show signs of aging slower than women their own age. Unfortunately…larger pores, thicker skin and higher oil production are also part of the deal. Which means more breakouts, congestion and blackheads that are often more intense, and last longer in men’s skin as a result.

This is why it’s so important for men to stay on top of their Cleansing and Exfoliation GAME. Like it or not, the condition of your skin speaks volumes for you before you even open your mouth.


Getting groomed from head to toe has become a welcome norm for men in the city


When it comes to being a "man's man," grooming plays an important role. Fellas, ever wonder if your nails have grown a little too long? See any dirt? Then it’s definitely time to get them clipped. Believe it or not, flaky skin and unkempt cuticles are little details that are much more noticeable than you may think. A more refined appearance speaks volumes when it comes to making good first impressions. Like a great massage, enjoy a hand or two to help maintain a polished appearance...relax in-to it.


Eyebrows shaped professionally right here in NYC

the bro brow

Truth be told, brows are commonly neglected in the male community. When it comes to those face-framers… two is definitely better than one. They have the power to transform you completely, and shouldn’t be overlooked.Why not make ‘em look good while they serve their function? The slight edge gained by attending to that stray hair or two more than justifies the minimal cost.