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Danna’s passion for hair removal is quite personal, she explains…

New York City electrolysis and laser hair removal available at our private spa in midtown Manhattan.

“When I say ‘hair victim,’ I’m not referring to someone who’s having a bad hair day. As a result of a diagnosed hormone imbalance, I grew up with hair all over my body and I wanted it gone- forever. I was determined to do whatever it it.

After 10 years of bad treatments, 20 electrologists, and a lot of wasted time and money, I finally found a real expert and got the results I was looking for…permanent hair removal and great looking skin.

Victim no more, I decided to turn my negative experience into a positive one. I honed my craft working with the professionals that finally gave me the best results.”




An electrologist for more than 20 years now, Danna takes pride in helping her clients experience the freedom that comes with permanent hair removal and the change that it brings to their lives. “My own time spent on the other side of the table has enabled me to know what my clients are looking for, sometimes even before they do.”

With a commitment to helping her clients achieve their desired results as quickly and realistically as possible, a thorough consultation is an essential first step toward making the right treatment decision and setting each individual on track to becoming truly liberated from their “hair issues,” and leaving them with great looking skin too!

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